best hard tennis cricket bats in india

The Best Hard Tennis Cricket Bats in India

Cricket is more than just a sport for Indians. It is an emotion, a life, and a dream for many people. Tennis cricket has gained popularity in the last few years. So, if you are looking for the best hard tennis cricket bats in India to improve your game, then you are in the right place. We will discuss all the details and facts about tennis bats. We will discuss weight, length, thickness, willow type, budget, and many other things. Choosing the best hard tennis cricket bats are the most important thing for your game. So, we will discuss our Rowdy Edition bats in this post so that you may get all the details.

Choosing the Best Cricket Bat for Hard Tennis Ball

When we are going to buy a new cricket bat for a hard tennis ball, we need to remember some things about tennis bats. Weight, length, willow, price, and specification of bats are some important factors. Similarly, when we talk about our LJD Rowdy Edition bat, it is one of the best hard tennis cricket bats and you will get all these things at an affordable price. Our bat is made of pure Kashmiri willow grade 1 wood with a full-cane Singapore handle. You will feel like a pro when you choose our Rowdy Edition as your dream hard tennis cricket bats.


There are so many cricket bat brands, like SS Cricket, SG Cricket, DSC Cricket, Kwe Sports, and many more. LJD Sports is one of them. We value our customers and their money as well. In other words, we try to give the best hard tennis cricket bats to our customers.

Which is the right willow for your bat?

Kashmir willow is the most popular willow for tennis bats. It is very durable and on budget. Kashmir willow woods come in many grades, like Grade A, Grade B, Third Grade, and others. Similar to Rowdy Edition, it comes in Grade A Kashmir Willow Wood to increase the power of the shots. This bat gives you more power and durability. It has visible grains, a super punch, and strength.

Kashmir willow has more power and is a light wood. It is also used in leather bats because of its durability and budget. Here are some products for hard tennis balls:

How to choose the best hard tennis cricket bats?

Length: Tennis bats come in many sizes, like 34 inches, 35 inches, 36 inches, etc. The correct height of your bat depends on your height, stance, and personal preference. A general guideline is that the top of the bat handle should align with your hip when the toe of the bat rests on the ground. Taller players may gravitate towards longer bats to extend their reach, while shorter players might favor shorter bats for enhanced control and maneuverability.

Blade Size: The blade size refers to the width of the bat’s striking surface. A larger blade size generally translates to a larger sweet spot, which enhances your capacity to execute effective shots. However, it’s important to note that a larger blade often means additional weight, necessitating a careful balancing act between size and weight to match your playing style.

Weight of the Bat: Normally, the weight of tennis bats is on average 1050 grams. Tennis bats are made from Kashmiri willow wood. The thickness of the tennis bats is double-bladed, 50mm approx., and they come with a toe guard, threading, and polish. These are the reasons weight increases. We are suggesting you go for the bat, which is 1050 to 1100 grams heavier. When you hit a ball with a heavy bat, it will fly longer.

Balance of the Bat: The balance of the bat is one of the most important parts when we choose cricket bats. We feel bats are lighter because of their good balance. If balance is bad, then you will feel the bat is heavy.

Oiling the Bat: Regularly applying linseed oil to your bat is an important part of maintenance. This process maintains the bat’s moisture levels, preventing the wood from drying out and developing cracks. It is imperative to oil the face, edges, toe, and back of the bat. Allow the oil to be absorbed, and then gently wipe off any excess.

Toe Guard and Anti-Scuff Sheet: To protect the bottom of the bat and its edges, affixing a toe guard and an anti-scuff sheet is highly recommended.

Handle Grip: The handle grip is your tactile connection to the bat. If it becomes worn or damaged, then replace it. A secure grip ensures that the bat doesn’t slip from your hands during play, a pivotal element in maintaining control over your shots.

Handle Material: The handle material is the most important thing in hard tennis cricket bats. When you are going to buy cricket bats for hard tennis balls, go for the Singapore full cane handle. This handle has the flexibility and power to absorb the shock.

Pressing: Pressing gives maximum durability and performance. This process compresses the wood fibers and strengthens the bat. We press our Rowdy Edition bat 3–4 times to give it extra power.

Budget: Many sellers, manufacturers, or brands offer their tennis bats at either a very low or very high price. If you are going with the cheapest option, then you will get quality accordingly. Similarly, if you go for the expensive bat, there is no benefit. We offer our best-quality hard tennis cricket bat, Rowdy Edition, for only Rs. 2150 with free delivery in India. You will get threading, polish, and a toe guard for this price.


In conclusion, choosing the best hard tennis cricket bats is a simple journey. You will find the perfect bat for you after reading this blog. We covered all the details in this article for your help.

Remember that the perfect bat is the one that feels right in your hands, complements your playing style, and increases confidence.

Take the time to explore your options; if you need any guidance, we are here to help. You can contact us anytime, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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